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During the last couple of decades, the reception area has become an important part of your workplace. Organizations that barely cared for the area back in the day are starting to realize the importance it holds in making and breaking impressions. Thus, they have started going for fancy setups that help radiate the brand’s persona in the most flawless manner.

One addition that organizations now focus on is the reception desk. Reception desks are now an important part of any reception area, and it is imperative for organizations to have a well thought out desk placed in the area.
When it comes to reception desks, one option that most organizations are attracted to is a straight reception desk. Straight reception desks have a modular shape to them, and they can be customized according to your own preferences. The desks have a unique structure and come in a wide variety of options.

We at have a wide variety of straight reception desks that can fit the use that organizations expect from them.

Benefits of Straight Reception Desks

Before we delve deeper into the range of straight reception desks at, we’ll have a look at the benefits that these desks host.

✦ Simple Yet Effective Design

Straight reception desks boast of a simple yet effective design. The rustic design of these desks is based on simplicity, but it doesn’t compromise on the effectiveness. The desks are as effective as any other form of reception desks. There are no awkward turns or forced extensions. The simple, modular design makes for an appealing visual that most visitors would like at first sight.

✦ Less Space Consumption

Unlike other reception desks that take up a lot of office space left, right and center, these desks only take up limited space. Since the design is linear, you don’t need to cover an extensive area. The linear design also means that you can easily have 3 to 4 receptionists sit in the area and service the visitors. The counter top comes naturally to such desks, and it is quite productive. has a wide variety of reception desks that are available in different price ranges. All the reception desks provide their own feasibility to an organization, which is why you should choose one that you best like. With a wide range of color availability and customized options, you can choose a straight reception desk that echoes your brand appeal.

Moreover, you can also look for add-ons like additional light panels, additional countertops, or other customization options. provides all kinds of customized straight reception desks that will perfectly sit with the environment and setting of your organization’s reception area. Browse through the collection and make your choice.