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You can buy a kids bed online from Sohomod.com. This furniture is represented by brands such as ACME, Furniture of America, Homelegance, has been certified and meets high safety standards.


A children bed for sale can be of four types:

  1. Classic options.

As a rule, such options are complemented by a functional storage system, that is, drawers, shelves for books and toys. Frames are made of genuine wood or metal. Both materials are used to make loft-style models, and such models are often chosen for arranging teenagers' rooms.

  1. Stylized furniture.

These are cheap beds for kids under 7 years old. They are decorated in the form of a racing car or truck, or Cinderella's carriage. They are attractive due to their original design and bright colors.

  1. Two-tier options.

This bed option is a great solution if you have several children. The number of sleeping places can be up to four. There are convenient ladders for easy access to the upper tier.

  1. Loft beds.

In this case, the sleeping place is placed on top, and the space below is occupied by other furniture, for instance, a cupboard, a drawer chest, or a workplace. Loft beds have protective bumpers that prevent accidental falls.

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