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The Sohomod.com store offers you L-shaped computer desk for sale. The special shape of the furniture creates a large working area, which means that you can conveniently place not only a computer, but also document folders, office supplies, etc. The models have their own features.

Table top structure

This type of office furniture has a special-rounded table top. This allows the employee to sit comfortably at the table. Cutouts are provided in the table top for neat laying of wires of the computer and other office equipment.


To make the cheap L-shaped desk for the home office as functional as possible, designers complement it with cabinets with 3-4 drawers. It is convenient to use these drawers to store office, documents or personal things.

If you work in a large noisy environment (or at home) and need privacy, you can buy an L-shaped office desk for home with protective screens.


The furniture is made in modern styles of minimalism and hi-tech. They are distinguished by strict geometry, muted colors, and a combination of metal and wood. Colors in-demand are white, black, gray, and milky. Models with bright inserts are popular, for instance, with an orange protective screen.

We offer sterling service, deliver and assemble your ordered furniture.