How Windows Can Impact a Home Design

Windows are critical components of a room that can change the look of interior space. They can have aesthetic details that can spell a huge difference in the overall look and feel of a room. Unknown to many homeowners, the fact is that windows can...

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Angie Chairs by Minotti

A saddle hide element designs a wing that embraces the armchair, sustaining the frame like a sculptural bustier, characterised inside by the inviting softness of the seat and backrest. Behind the apparent simplicity of the design lies an advanced technological process used to make both the padding with different textures...

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Bonsai Pouf by Bonaldo

The Bonsai poufs are the result of the pursuit of harmony between the volumes of the padded element and the dimensions of the frame, as in the bonsai trees, where a large trunk supports and dialogues with an artfully shaped foliage. A simple yet large tubular metal frame accommodates and...

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