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Want to put a coffee machine in your dining area for some instant brewing? Are you looking for some storage space for your tablecloths or utensils? Perhaps, you are mulling over the option of a fancy liquor display and barring, alongside your dining table or counter?

All these functional needs can be effectively addressed if you pick any item from Sohomod’s extensive collection of bar cabinets and units. And what we are offering is not just about of furniture utility; our bar cabinets are finely made pieces of high aesthetic character that will add more value to your dining area.

Our W752 2-Door bar cabinet, a unit draped in all white is picture-perfect for minimalist spaces, while creating the illusion of more space. These geometrically-shaped bar cabinets with a tufted surface provide enough storage to keep all the dining pieces in one place. The top of the cabinet can be used for any purpose, whether you want to place a stylish lamp or any other beautiful decorative item, to improve the aesthetic appeal of your interior space.

Our W745 4-Door bar cabinet is a square-shaped structure with rounded edges and walnut door panels. This combination of modern design element and timber casing makes it perfect for every type of interior and dining space. The four cabinets provide you with enough space to store non-dining items as well. Then you can decorate its top in accordance with the rest of the interior. Paintings and stylized vases are recommended decorations for such cabinet units.

The collection also contains two peculiar Tuscany-style wine racks and storage spaces. They are deliberately garnished with rustic wooden veneer to match the antiquity of your old wines bottles. Sohomod is offering its collection of bar cabinets and units at reasonable pricing. You can also get some good discounts at some of our bar cabinets through coupons.