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Even at a time when most things have gone digital, you still need a solid contemporary filing cabinet to keep important documents. Fortunately, filing cabinets are now available in all shapes and sizes, making it much easier to make them function as home decor pieces and functional storage. Perfect filing cabinet can be a balancing act between functionality and design, but we are here to help with some tips to keep you on track:

Why do I need a filing cabinet?

If you do not work from home, you may be wondering whether a filing cabinet is even necessary. However, the great thing about filing cabinets is their versatility. Along with saving paperwork, they can help organize odds and ends such as paint samples, recipes, magazines, photographs, manuals and more. Do not be afraid to move your file cabinet to a place other than the office room. These cabinets can add a touch of style and functionality to any room.

What types of file cabinets are there, and what do I need?

We do have lateral and vertical filing cabinets. Here's a quick comparison of the two types of filing cabinets to make your choice easier:

Vertical: These are the most common style and equipped with a long, thin design. They are perfect for organizing all your important documents and papers. Plus, their overall footprint is smaller because they make good use of vertical space.

Lateral: A lateral filing cabinet is shorter and wider than the vertical counterpart. Its shape makes it perfect for storing extra-large papers or items to be stored flat. As a bonus, they can be used as a desk or a table extra because of their short length and wide top.

Portable: Remember, there is always an option for a file cabinet on wheels. If you need to move your files with you when you leave the room, this is a great variety.

Does filing cabinets come with security?

Every individual would want to make sure the relevant documents are kept safe and secured. There are many safety features available for your file storage. Choose a fireproof file cabinet to protect documents such as passports, birth certificates and bank details of a fire. A locking file cabinet will keep away burglars and unwanted visitors. You can even invest the best of both worlds in a filing cabinet that is both fireproof and lockable.