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Bed Frames

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Platform beds and bed frames are gaining popularity as a great bedroom furniture choice. This comfortable and stylish bedding option is similar to standard beds but offers much more than. These beds are available in different sizes to cater to individual’s needs and different styles to perfectly match the other décor and furniture in your bedroom. Adding one of these will add a fresh, modern look to your bedroom.

How are they Different?

Unlike our regular beds that are based on standard box springs and a regular mattress, these beds use metal or wooden slats as a base to hold the mattress. Since the base is so firm, these beds are considered more comfortable and reliable to provide enough support regardless of the type of mattress.

It is also considered a better option for people with back problems as they do not have to sleep on a sagging mattress anymore.
Picking Up the Right Furniture

There are a few things you need to take into consideration before you can finalize the perfect bed for your bedroom. Start with deciding on the right material. Platform beds and bed frames are often made of metal and wood. While wooden beds may give a more pleasant and warm look, metal ones have a very industrial feel. As far as durability is concerned, platforms made of metal are obviously more durable as compared to wood and other materials. The prices may vary keeping the same factors in mind.


Foldable twin beds are the perfect pick for smaller rooms. This is the smallest size since it is foldable and appears like a single bed until unfolded. However, if you prefer more sleeping space, you can go for a queen size bed if your room allows. These are wider than the twin beds.

If you are looking for a platform bed for two, a king size bed or a California size bed would be the perfect choice for your bedroom. Know your requirements and choose the size accordingly.

Extra Storage

These beds also come with extra storage options. If you want to save room space, a bed with storage is all you need for your bedroom. Such beds have drawers installed under the frame for storage. This is the most effective and cool way to store things without needing an additional piece of furniture.