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Double Bathroom Vanity

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Sohomod.com offers bathroom vanities with double sinks by Elegant Lighting brands. Such furniture is perfect for couples going to work at the same time, as well as for large families. The quality of the products is confirmed by the official warranty.

Features of furniture

  • The double sink vanity is made of MDF or specially treated wood. These materials are not subject to temperature fluctuations or moisture. The tabletop is made of luxurious marble, while the sink itself is made of snow-white porcelain.
  • The double vanity bathroom features a clever storage system. Thus, the pull-out drawers are great for storing smaller items, and there are convenient shelves for towels and cosmetics. Some models are fitted with mirrors featuring frames to complement the fronts of the furniture.
  • Two sinks bathroom vanities are designed in both classic and contemporary styles. The classic style is characterized by sophisticated curved fronts, carvings, patinas and hand-paintings. Contemporary styles attract with clear edges and simple shapes. The color gamut is natural, ranging from white, milk and light grey to deep green or grey-blue.

Sohomod.com means first-class service. In particular, we offer furniture delivery and assembly services. We offer competitive cost and enjoy our customers with regular good deals.