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Patio Swings

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20 Product(s)

Sohomod.com store catalog contains swinging outdoor benches from well-known manufacturers: ACME, Modway Furniture, etc. Models are completed with robust wear-resistant frames made of natural and artificial rattan, and fabric resistant to stains and moisture is used for the upholstery of cushioned elements.

Swing for patio in Sohomod.com catalog

We offer swings for porches designed for one or two seats. Models have the following features:

  1. They have a closed structure. Most variants look like egg chairs developed in the 1950s — seating pillows are placed inside the rounded cocoon base. At the same time, the rattan weave on the base is not "blank", thus allowing fresh air to pass.
  2. The "cocoon" is attached to the rack using a reliable metal chain, while the rack itself rests on a massive base (it is mainly round). This makes the structure stable.
  3. Additional elements are often provided. For example, an outdoor swing bench with an extended leg part looks like a full-fledged beach chair. A canopy made of light-colored wear-resistant fabric will protect those having a rest from the scorching sun.
  4. A pillow color can be matched to the palette of the environment. Both muted natural (light gray, beige, milky) and bright colors (red, orange, light blue) are popular.

In our store you can order swings for backyard with delivery. We offer affordable cost and the possibility of return within 14 days after the purchase and guarantee a high quality.