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Sohomod.com, a renowned online store, boasts an extensive catalog of swinging outdoor benches sourced from reputable manufacturers like ACME, Modway Furniture, and more. These outdoor swing models are characterized by their sturdy and wear-resistant frames, crafted from both natural and artificial rattan. The upholstery of the cushioned elements is made from fabric that is resistant to stains and moisture, ensuring durability and longevity.

Sohomod.com's collection of outdoor swings for patios encompasses a variety of options designed to cater to different preferences. Here are some key features and details about these swings:

  1. Closed Structure: Most of the swing models in the catalog feature a closed design reminiscent of the iconic egg chairs that originated in the 1950s. These swings have a rounded cocoon-like base where seating cushions are comfortably nestled. Importantly, the rattan weave on the base is not completely solid, allowing for proper ventilation and airflow.

  2. Sturdy Construction: The "cocoon" structure is securely attached to a metal chain, which, in turn, connects to a robust stand. The stand typically has a circular base, enhancing stability and safety during use.

  3. Additional Features: Many of the swings come with extra elements to enhance comfort and utility. For instance, some outdoor swing benches have an extended leg part, resembling a full-fledged beach chair. Moreover, a canopy made of light-colored and wear-resistant fabric is often included to shield users from the harsh sun.

  4. Customization: Sohomod.com offers a range of color options for the cushions, allowing customers to match their swing's aesthetics with their outdoor environment. Choices span from muted, natural hues like light gray, beige, and milky tones to more vibrant colors such as red, orange, and light blue.

  5. Delivery and Return Policy: Customers can conveniently order swings for their backyard from Sohomod.com. The store is committed to providing competitive prices and offers a 14-day return policy after purchase, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Additionally, Sohomod.com guarantees high-quality products.

In summary, Sohomod.com's catalog of outdoor swings for patios encompasses a diverse selection of swings with closed, cocoon-like structures, reliable and stable metal chains, and various additional features for enhanced comfort. These swings come in a range of appealing colors and are backed by a reliable delivery service and a customer-friendly return policy, reinforcing the store's commitment to delivering quality and satisfaction to its customers.