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The Sohomod.com store catalog contains office seating furniture for sale. These models are designed for use in work areas, reception areas, meeting rooms or lounge areas and are manufactured by manufacturers such as Actiu, MDD Office Furniture, and NARBUTAS.

Features of furniture

We have various types of office sitting area to buy:


These are linear, corner, and U-shaped models, which are often complemented by high soundproof screens. Such sofas make it possible to organize a chamber and isolated space in large offices. You can also choose modular systems with partitions, armrests, ottomans, and the modules can be combined as you wish. 


We offer both cheap soft seating for offices and castered options that are suitable for employee workplaces and the executive's office. Some chairs are also equipped with soundproofing panels, can be complemented by side tables for a laptop, which provides you with a quiet and relaxed surrounding to work.  


The major use of poufs is as an addition to modular sofas, but in modern interiors they can be used as coffee tables.


Usually they are chosen for waiting rooms and reception rooms, that is, rooms with high people traffic. The base of the bench is usually made of metal, and the seats are made of high-impact plastic.

All office furniture comes with a manufacturer's warranty. We provide services for the delivery and assembly of your ordered furniture.