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The Sohomod.com store catalog contains office sofas for sale. This is high quality furniture made by well-known manufacturers (Actiu, MDD Office Furniture, NARBUTAS) and is designed to be placed in the workspace, lounge area, conference rooms and reception areas. Its features are as follows.


You can buy office couches of various types (linear, corner, or U-shaped) with seating capacity from 2 to 10. The upholstery is made of wear-resistant and durable fabrics, mainly polyester. For rooms with low people traffic (for example, the executive's office), you can choose a wool upholstered model (with the addition of synthetic thread, mainly polyamide).

Office furniture has a durable metal frame and high legs, which makes it possible to easily clean the floor underneath.


For open space offices that need zoning, there are small sofas for office with special back-attached soundproof pads. They protect interlocutors from noise and prying eyes, help to create a trusting and comfortable environment.

When discussing projects, you can often need a laptop that can be conveniently placed on special side tables.


Since, when developing models, the designers use wear-resistant and easy-to-clean fabrics, office furniture has almost no color restrictions. You can opt for discreet models or choose bright solutions that will match the corporate identity.

You can order a cheap small office couch online. For advice, please contact us by phone or chat. We run regular good deals and guarantee that your order will be delivered quickly and with due care.