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Showing 1 to 24 of 81 products

✅ Buy Awesome Mattresses

The comfort of a bed can’t be realized without the accompanying bedding. In other words, all the comfort that we yearn from our bed actually relies on the type of mattress being used with it. While offering the extensive range of bedroom furniture, Sohomod also offers various mattress options so that you get everything that you need from one place.

We are offering a range of different mattresses for various bed sizes. For extra comfort and to deal with back pains, you can pick from any of our memory foam and pillow top mattress options. These mattresses are the best bet for providing you with long-lasting comfortable bedding with their extended functional life. For better air circulation and temperature regulation, while maintaining a plush feel, we also have gel top mattresses in our collection.

Mattresses options available in our collection don’t fall short of comfort provision. Moreover, you also get a lot of variety of mattresses when it comes to pricing. We are offering mattresses in different price brackets so that you don’t have to strain your budget.

Everyone has their unique sleeping habbits. And with our collection of mattresses, it becomes really convenient for you to customize your sleeping setting in your bedroom. The mattresses in our catalog are available in various thicknesses. From 7” to 14”, every thickness is available in our collection. So, set your bed with the mattress thickness that you find ideal for your sleep (and budget too).

Also, make sure that the mattress you pick, easily adjusts on your bed’s plank. The bed and mattress options available at Sohomod perfectly align with each other, creating perfect synergy. Every mattress option available in our stock can be bought on discount with the help of coupons. Look through our collection to find the mattress option that sits well with your bed and budget.