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Sense of well-being, sleeping well, and feeling good – all of these may be achieved by a new bed mattress from Sohomod.com. The catalogue of our store features cheap models from reputed manufacturers (Pantek Furniture, Furniture of America, Casamode, etc.). We offer the best price on mattresses and ensure expedient delivery.

Characteristic features of the products

We offer an option of buying models 2 to 16 inches thick. The products differ by their properties:

  • With shape memory. The products “memorize” characteristic positions of the body and provide soft support. These are suitable for people who have diseases of the joints, pains in the back, circulatory disorders.
  • Orthopaedic. These ensure anatomically correct position of the spine when resting. They are recommended to all people, regardless of any problems with the spine.
  • Gel-filled. Having a special filler, they thoroughly follow the shape of the body and reduce pressure on blood vessels and skin. They provide regular air circulation, due to which the comfort during sleep increases.

Also, the rigidity of different models may vary. The rigid models are preferred for people who have spine issues and for children aged under 4. It is advisable that people weighing below 55 kg use soft models, and medium rigidity is suitable for the elderly.

Sohomod.com offers high class service. Our advantages include guidance on the choice of the right product, warranty, cheap mattresses for sale at a discount (in case of a large order), and an option of goods return within 14 days after the purchase.

If you need information about the cost of the models or you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or via the online chat.