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Despite commercial operations being shifted to the digital domain, offices still rely on hardcopy files to store important information regarding employees, operations, and clients.  Apart from that, there is a lot of paperwork that keeps on rolling in all the time.

File cabinets in the form of mobile pedestals provide the right storage option for all such important paperwork. They also ensure the safety and security of all the critical office documents. This is the reason why mobile pedestals are also part of Sohomod’s office furniture collection.  

Sohomod offers mobile pedestals that are compact in size and provide you with ample paper storage without taking too much floor space. You can also pick mobile pedestals the way their storage is arranged. For instance, we have single drawer cabinets that can be dedicated to storing similar type of files. In contrast, mobile pedestals with multiple drawers can help you with streamlining the categorization of different files and folders. Such mobile cabinets can help you with quick retrieval of files and information, which will increase your productivity quotient.

Sohomod is also offering its mobile pedestals in different materials and finishes. With this diversity, you will be able to get a mobile pedestal that can seamlessly fit in with your office interior without needing any customization.

The casters appended to the base add another layer of comfort and convenience by making the pedestals portable. You can easily move them around the office. So, taking the bundle of files from one table to the other won’t be a cumbersome activity anymore.

If you don’t have enough area to place large storage cabinets, then mobile cabinets are the best bet for your office space. Have a look at our wide range of mobile pedestals and select the option that matches your budget, aesthetical sensibilities, and functional use.