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Patio & Outdoor Daybeds

Sohomod.com offers outdoor daybeds for sale. This is the furniture of well-known brands and its high quality is confirmed by a warranty.

Features of models

This patio furniture is presented in two variants: stationary models and daybeds that consist of several sections. With modules combined, you will get a full-fledged bed for outdoor recreation; when the modules are separated, a table sofa can be arranged for a large company.

The module frame is mainly made of rattan. A durable fabric resistant to moisture, stains and dirt is used for the upholstery of pillows. A dome is provided to protect from the scorching sun and some models are also equipped with curtains to "close" from the world. This will also be appreciated by children who will have a convenient space for games.

A module outside daybed is usually a core element, so bright colors of the upholstery — emerald, scarlet, bright blue, orange — are offered by designers along with sober natural colors.

We offer first class service, consultations for choosing a model, and a quick and careful delivery. In addition, affordable cost and favorable promotions are available for you.