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At Sohomod.com, it is possible to choose a cheap bathroom mirror. The catalog of our store presents products by the well-known Elegant Lighting brand. All products are covered by a warranty.


We offer LED-illuminated mirrors for bathrooms. The unobtrusive, comfortable lighting simplifies everyday beauty rituals and also serves as an additional light source inside the premises. Most models provide adjustable brightness, which allows to find the settings you are most comfortable with.

You can buy a bathroom mirror in various shapes: square, rectangular, circular, oval. Thus, a rectangular, vertically elongated item will enable the vertical lines in the furnishings to appear clearer and more structured. The horizontally elongated version will enlarge the space. And if you have a large space and would like to add an accent, choose a circular model.

The mirrors are contemporary in style: the designers have placed stakes on simple lines, clean shapes and an absence of decoration. As a result, the models can be easily integrated into all kinds of furnishings, from classic to high-tech.

Sohomod.com provides fast and careful delivery, good deals and competitive cost. It is also possible to return the product within 14 days after buying.