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When choosing rugs for any other part of the house, make sure to consider the material of a rug along with its design and color. Different rug materials have the different impact on human health. Here are the benefits of the various types of materials used in carpets and rugs.

Nylon and Silk

These rugs are usually expensive than other materials. Nylon and silk are mostly used in fashion-forward or themed carpets. Among nylon and silk, nylon is used for high traffic areas whereas silk is used for low traffic areas. The material also comes in a good palette of colors to choose and manufacture. With excellent manufacturing properties, nylon and silk carpets are more durable and require less maintenance.


Polyester and synthetic carpets are most commonly found in residential and commercial buildings today. Polyester is highly durable and pocket-friendly material. Most of the branded polyester carpets come with stain-resistant warrantee except some items like hair dye. However, dust, pollens, and small grains easily get trapped in these carpets. Therefore, polyester is not suitable for people with asthma or other respiratory disorders.


Polypropylene is an expensive material in carpets. Although it has a cotton-like soft feel, yet it is highly suitable for stain resistance. This material is mostly used in manufacturing fabric flooring for basketball courts, sunrooms, kids’ rooms, kitchens, and other such areas.


Animal rugs are expensive, but these are considered as one-time investments. Along with the natural beauty and decent colors, the animal flooring items are quite tough and weather-resistant. These highly portable carpets may be dragged from one place to other or from one surface area to another. Leather carpets require the least maintenance as compared to other materials. These are also hypo-allergic and ideal to use when people have respiratory disorders or allergies. Above all, grains, pollens, and dust particles do not get trapped in leather rugs.


With its exotic texture and tropical feel, jute is a perfect material to make your living room a truly living space. Jute not only adds texture to your room but it may also be used to design the room in pattern-style. Jute carpets are eco-friendly as well as highly durable. These are stain and sunlight resistant. Above all, jute requires very low maintenance. However, small grains dust particles may easily trap in jute flooring items.