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74 Product(s)

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Sohomod.com offers you to purchase an outdoor dining table. The catalog in our store features products from well-known brands such as Modway Furniture, MOE'S, SohoConcept Furniture and others. The quality of the furniture is confirmed by the warranty.

Outdoor kitchen table from Sohomod.com: features

This type of furniture is chosen for backyards, verandas or terraces. Consequently, it is exposed to moisture, dust and sunlight. Therefore, the patio dining table is made of practical, hard-wearing materials — natural or artificial rattan, plastic, metal, wood with special impregnation. The furniture is designed for a varying number of seats, from 2 to 10.

The products are categorized by style. Cosy rattan models are perfect for rustic, country or shabby-chic styles. The modernist style versions are attractive due to their unique shapes and bold combination of materials (e.g. plastic, metal and wood). A prime example of the high-tech style is a solid concrete structure without decoration. If you are searching for something versatile, consider wooden versions — they are great for classics as well as minimalism or loft.

Sohomod.com provides fast and careful delivery of garden furniture, offers affordable cost and runs regular good deals. Refunds are possible within 14 days of purchase.