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For any home, outdoor living is not only exquisite, but it's also absolutely sublime; that is if it is done right. At Sohomod, we don’t just help you create an immaculate outdoor living space; we help you bring Mother Nature closer to your home.

If you are creating a beautiful patio, then you need high quality matching patio furniture. At Sohomod, we provide an extensive range of stunning patio furniture at some of the most amazingly low prices you will ever see. Available in a variety of colors, there is not a patio that we cannot fill with our immaculate and modern furniture.

When people think of the outdoors, they think of a table and chairs in their backyard. However, we do backyard furniture a little differently at Sohomod. We believe in nothing but interesting outdoor furniture for your backyard. By giving your backyard a modern look, you instill an aura of elegance, sophistication and modernity around your home, making your home unique in every sense.

For many, their patio or backyard is simply a place where they can go to relax. At Sohomod, we believe that your outdoor seatings should not only relax you, but it should also make you feel one with nature. When you are seated in one of our beautiful and comfortable chairs, with the wind gently blowing against your face, a book in hand and a drink on your side stand, you feel sublime; as if the world does not exist.

Sohomod is different from the average furniture store. We don’t believe in simply selling outdoor furniture; we believe in creating a space where you, the world and Mother Nature are in perfect harmony. A place where time ceases to exist, and you can relax and have as much fun as you want.