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In the catalog of the Sohomod.com store, you can choose cupboardsfor sale, and storage accessories from ELK Lifestyle, Beverly Hills Furniture, ELK Home, etc. The quality of the products is confirmed by the warranty.


You can organize your storage system using:

  • - Drawer chests.

They differ in the volume of filling. They can include both drawers and large storage units behind hinged doors (usually from 2 to 12). One of the sections often has open shelves. They are great for storing books, documents in folders, or utensils.

The accent chest has a large top, so it can be used as a TV cabinet. Framed photos and vases with flowers are often placed on the top, too.

  • - Wine Racks.

They are made of wood or metal. Wine racks have cylindrical compartments or special supports designed to safely place bottles. Usually, up to 15 bottles can be placed on one shelf.

  • - Baskets.

Metal baskets are often used in offices to place paper for disposal. Products are not solid and enable to assess the degree of their filling. In loft-style interior environments, metal baskets are used to place books and magazines.

Wicker baskets are suitable for storing toys, children's things, and clothes. They are woven from seaweed, banana leaves, or jute, and the result is textured and authentic basket models that bring eco-style notes to the interior.

You can order an accent storage cabinet and other storage accessories online. Our consultants will help you choose the right model and arrange delivery. We offer affordable cost and run regular good deals.