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Showing 1 to 24 of 472 products

✅ Buy Awesome Chests

Looking for a storage option for your bedroom that doesn’t occupy the space of traditional cupboards but doesn’t compromise on style and aesthetics either? The solution for this tricky demand lies in Sohomod’s expansive range of chests.

Sohomod has an entire section of chest of drawers in its furniture collection. Our chests can provide you with enough storage space in the bedroom for clothes and other items while taking care of the overall aesthetical composition of the area.

Each chest of drawers available in our collection is unique in its design and finish. There is a range of chest options with crafted leg base, which adds a classical touch to the interior. By picking design-heavy panels, you can get the traditional tone of a chest and take it to the next level.

You can also find options that would impeccably integrate into your modern interior décor. Many of Sohomod’s offered chests have uncomplicated designs and structures with a smooth finish, which are ideal for minimalistic and abstract décors.

There is a misconception that chest of drawers can only be used in bedrooms. We want to make it clear that there is no prescribed décor rule to use chests in bedrooms only. They are equally useful in living rooms. Even in some cases, they become more suitable for living spaces as compared to bedrooms.

Their ample storage capacity can help you with de-cluttering the living area in a more convenient manner.  They can also be used to set up a centerpiece of the living room.  The top of the chest can be used for the displaying paintings and other decorative objects.  You can also enhance the visual presence of a chest and the surrounding by putting a fancy light fixture on it.

Sohomod is offering hundreds of chest of drawers in different sizes and designs to serve every unique functional and decoration need.