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Sohomod.com offers height adjustable desk for sale. Such furniture allows you to fit up a comfortable workplace for a person of any height. A comfortable fit contributes to the correct position of the body, relieves discomfort, and increases employees' performance.

Features of furniture

  • The cheap height adjustable standing desk has a minimalist structure. The classic model has metal supports (two or four) and a wooden table top.
  • The table top provides a place for laying computer wires. It can be a special cutout or recess on the back.
  • The models are complemented by roll-out cabinets with 3-4 drawers, which are good for storing documents and stationery. Table tops often have lattice shelves intended for papers, books, or folders.
  • If you want to buy adjustable height desks for open space offices, look at models with protective and acoustic screens. They help to create an isolated space and protect from prying eyes and noise.
  • This office furniture is made in a modern style, which is featured by strict geometry and monochrome (white, black, and gray colors). Its designers often use protective mustard, orange, blue, or red screens as a bright accent.

Our store offers you to buy models of such brands as Kansole Furniture, Actiu, or NARBUTAS that come with a guarantee. We provide services for the delivery and assembly of your ordered furniture.