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Lamps play a primary role in lighting up your room. The interior designers make amazing combinations of wall lights, chandeliers, and ceiling bulbs to create layers of light and add an attractive appeal to your home or office. Choosing lamps that add a personality to space is challenging. However, with these tips, you can design the lighting of your home like a pro.

Ornamented Table Lamp for Flashed Lighting

Table lamp covers a small area only. However, crystal ornaments attached with the bulb of table lamp reflect light and maximize the coverage. Falling Stars Table Lamp by ZUO Modern offer smart reflection effect. The light of this small covers a large surface area. These are perfect for bedrooms and offices.

Thin Floor Lamp

Traditional floor lamp design resembled the oriental floor clocks. However, the lack of space in modern home does not allow us to use such lighting options. Thin floor lamp comes with small base and a longer rod. The height of a floor lamp should be at least 3-feet lesser than the ceiling light to avoid shadows caused by intersection. The head of floor lamp should be wide but lightweight. Astro Floor Lamp by ZUO Modern is an ideal example of this. These are good for offices and living rooms.

Directional Ceiling Lamp

Directional ceiling lamp is a unique but highly functional design. A large central ball plays the role of axis point. It has many extensions and each extension has a small bulb attached to the tip. As the rods are attached to a circumference, the light of these lamps spreads in all directions. Directional ceiling lamp design is based on the concept of reducing energy consumption and cutting the energy bills. The Pulsar Ceiling Lamp by ZUO Modern is a smart directional ceiling lamp design, that also promises to cut your living room lighting bill up to 30%.

Oriental Ceiling Lamp

These are designed as chandeliers. A directional ceiling lamp is ornamented with crystal artwork to complete the chandelier look. However, the chandelier is surrounded with grafted or carved bronze or aluminum circle. The lamp throws light in 360-degree direction. The light passes through the circle and creates a lighting design on walls, ceiling, and floor. These are ideal for living room and drawing rooms. The Nebula Ceiling Lamp is a smart choice for such type of lamps.