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Showing 1 to 24 of 137 products

✅ Buy Headboard for your Bedroom

A single piece of headboard can add character to an otherwise monotonous and unsightly bed. It won’t be wrong to suggest that a fine headboard can become a centerpiece of the entire room. Sohomod is absolutely aware of this distinctive aesthetical appeal of headboards and therefore offers an entire range. You can find more than 100 unique headboards in our collection that are designed and constructed to match with every type of bed frame.

There is more to our collection of headboards than just that. Besides offering a wide palette of interior décor ideas through metallic, wooden and upholstered headboards, Sohomod also ensures that each and every headboard piece of its collection can extend and multiply the comfort of your bed. For instance, if your bedroom is also your makeshift lounge and the bed also serves as a couch then a headboard will add more value to this function.

A range of color and design elements are available in the collection so that you don’t need to get into the exhaustive undertaking for a customized headboard. From tufted and upholstered faux leather designs that transpire an elegant and mighty look to simple padded ones that are perfect for minimal aesthetics and maximum comfort, a variety of headboards are part of our collection. A single piece of headboard can actually do wonders for the decoration of your room and the comfort of your body and mind. There are some more functional benefits of headboards that might look trivial but turn really spiteful when they are not taken care of. For instance:

  • Headboards can protect the wall at the back from marks and stains that becomes unavoidable otherwise
  • Making the bed becomes easy when a headboard is affixed to it. And yes, pillows also don’t tumble down over and over again

Sohomod offers its wide range of headboards at a reasonable price and coupon discounts.