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The Sohomod.com store catalog contains phone booths for office for sale. They are booths isolated from extraneous sounds. The space inside looks like a mini-office and can be used both for one person and for a whole team of up to 15 people. We offer booths from MDD Office Furniture and NARBUTAS brands. Their features are as follows.


Acoustic phone booths have airtight doors, as well as sound insulation of walls and ceiling, which is made using sound-absorbing materials. This helps to create optimal conditions in the booth for telephone conversations, discussions, and for concentrating on the completion of tasks. The door and often several walls are transparent. This allows, firstly, to integrate the booth into the interior of the open space office, and secondly, to eliminate the effect of the box that is especially important for people suffering from claustrophobia.


Cheap phone booth office pods has a powerful and at the same time economical ventilation system, which allows you to maintain an optimal microclimate inside. Tables can be placed in the booths, for instance, a bar hanging table or a classic version. Tables are complemented by high or standard chairs and built-in sofas. There are lighting, outlets for connecting and placing the necessary equipment, including a TV set.


The designers offer several design options. You can buy soundproof office phone booths with bright upholstery of acoustic panels, such as yellow, blue, or red. There are also more restrained color options of minimalist blue and gray shades. You should have no difficulty in choosing an option that matches the corporate identity of your company.

Sohomod offers affordable cost and good deals, and provides services for the delivery and installation of booths. You can ask questions by phone or online chat.