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Businesses have extensively digitized all of their operations in the last two decades. However, the ever-growing threat of data breaches and cyber attacks has forced them to keep a hard copy of all critical and confidential information in the form of physical files.

So, things are coming full circle and lockers have once again become a sought-after office furniture piece.  Offices these days tend to keep a copy of important files secure in a locker.  Sohomod is fully aware of this newfound demand of lockers and therefore offering modern modular lockers.

Sohomod’s modular locker unit has various uses in any office premises. Apart from securing all your important information in their tangible form, you can also allot these lockers to your employees. Modular designs actually put together more than a dozen lockers in a single assembly.  This ergonomic layout helps you to put them anywhere in the office without worrying about limited space. Moreover, the vertical rise of our modular lockers also helps you utilize office space in the most efficient manner.

While providing you with a secure recordkeeping platform, our modular lockers can also play the role of an aesthetically pleasing furniture piece. This is due to our modular lockers being available in more than 15 colors. Moreover, you can separately pick the color of every component of the locker. For instance, you can customize an option with chestnut top and bottom and cocoa or white pastel panels.

It is an established fact that the color treatment of an office interior affects the productivity of employees. Sohomod allow you to play around with the extended color palette to tailor locker panels with different shades to give a dynamic and unique look to your office interior. The combination of bright and dull locker panels can give off a funky and animated look to your workspace. 

Sohomod is offering this important functional piece of office furniture at discounted rates that can be availed through coupons.