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Patio Chairs

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Showing 1 to 24 of 71 products

Garden chairs will help you organize a comfortable outside seating at home — for example, in the garden or porch. This furniture has a frame made of rattan, specially impregnated natural wood or metal which are resistant to weather, dust and dirt. Besides, pillows with durable fabric covers resistant to stains are used.

Outdoor chairs in Sohomod.com catalog

Sohomod.com offers both standard and angular patio chairs for sale. You can choose models in various styles:

  • Massive rattan furniture is typical of country and rustic styles. A frame can be beige to dark brown in color. A naturally colored fabric — light gray, green, light blue, chocolate — is used for the upholstery.
  • Minimalist neat models with a wooden frame and monochrome-colored pillows are widely-used in the patio.
  • Loft brutality is emphasized by massive black metal bases.
  • Alternatively, the modern style loves a round rotating sofa base.


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