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The Sohomod.com catalog contains office furniture pods of well-known brands such as MDD Office Furniture and NARBUTAS for sale. Our specialists provide services for the delivery of the structures and their assembly.


An indoor office pod is a room with real walls, floors and ceilings that doubles as a conference or meeting room in open space offices. The pod has its own ventilation system, lighting, communications for connecting equipment (a TV-set, computer, printer, etc.). It is completed with a sealed door and soundproof wall panels, which guarantees maximum protection of the interior space from external noise.

You can buy a portable office desk pod for one person from us and larger pods designed for 2-12 people. Small pods fit a high bar table and chair, while larger options are equipped with sofas, standard tables and chairs.

In order for cheap self contained office pods to be organically integrated into the interior of the room, doors and several walls are made transparent. You can independently choose your own interior finishes, including the color of the soundproof panels.

You can place your order online. For advice, call us or write to us in the chat. Please note that the catalog of our store also includes other office furniture such as sofas, tables, and armchairs.