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Silent Room S Small Soundproof Acoustic Office Pod with Melamine Walls & Glass Door by NARBUTAS

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Melamine External Walls SKU: AR1102 $631.00
Internal Walls by NARBUTAS SKU: AR1201 $930.00
Internal Front Walls by NARBUTAS SKU: AR1301 $232.00
Fasade with Glass Doors by NARBUTAS SKU: S-DOOR $1,427.00
Internal Front Central Wall by NARBUTAS SKU: S-WALL $2,158.00
Ceiling with LED Light & Ventilation System by NARBUTAS SKU: AR1602 $916.00
Floor by NARBUTAS SKU: S-FLOOR $192.00
Smoke Alarm by NARBUTAS SKU: SMOKE-ALARM $59.00
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1 x Melamine External Walls 1 x Internal Walls by NARBUTAS 1 x Internal Front Walls by NARBUTAS 1 x Fasade with Glass Doors by NARBUTAS 1 x Internal Front Central Wall by NARBUTAS 1 x Ceiling with LED Light & Ventilation System by NARBUTAS 1 x Floor by NARBUTAS 1 x Smoke Alarm by NARBUTAS
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Your Comfort Zone!
Open plan offices mean more space, more light, more freedom, and… more noise in the work environment. Every day, employees face increasing challenges in finding a quiet place to hold meetings, have phone conversations or simply focus on individual work. “A room within a room” is a simple way to keep noise distractions at bay and boost employee productivity. SILENT ROOM is the oasis of silence in a middle of a modern office. Thanks to this office solution, concentrating at work has never been easier as it enables employees to focus during phone conversations, video conferences or creative tasks without distracting others. SILENT ROOM ensures indoor air quality as well as acoustic and visual comfort for employees.
Video Overview
Assembly Guide
Less Noise, Less Chaos
With its special design, the SILENT ROOM acoustic pod ensures the right level of sound absorption which means that it blocks both incoming and outgoing noise. The internal acoustic walls have excellent sound absorption properties which help eliminate reverberation in the room allowing the users to enjoy a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. With their low operating noise, the fans in the acoustic pod are just as quiet as the sound of leaves rustling. Thus, they will not cause any distractions to the user while performing high-concentration tasks. The models with upholstered exterior panels are also designed to absorb noise, creating a positive effect on the general acoustics of the entire office space.
For Private Conversations
You can enter the SILENT ROOM with confidence as the floor level of the acoustic pod corresponds to that of the surrounding office space and the door of the SILENT ROOM only has a small doorstep that poses no risk of trips or falls.

A convenient SILENT ROOM S designed for a single user is ideal for private phone conversations or video calls as well as quick individual tasks that require some level of concentration. You can be sure that you will be able to continue important conversation even if your device runs out of battery power. For users’ convenience, the room is equipped with a power outlet (USB type A and C connectors). The acoustic pod is equipped with a small table which will provide a convenient place for your laptop or notebook so that you can keep your thoughts and ideas organized.
Microclimate Helps You to Concentrate Without You Even Noticing
Thanks to its air ventilation and lighting solutions, SILENT ROOM offers a productivity-boosting environment. Four silent but powerful fans ensure that the air flow rate is just right to provide an ultimate sense of comfort even during extended use. The combination of the three LED lamps creates a warm and homely atmosphere. A smart control unit selects an optimal ventilation and illumination level, and, if necessary, allows for individual adjustment. Once an employee leaves the SILENT ROOM, intense ventilation is automatically activated to prepare the room for the next user. The smart control unit is pre-set to maintain an optimal ventilation and illumination level, and, if necessary, allows for individual adjustment using rotary selectors. You will also be able to change general control unit settings according to your specific needs.
Creative Freedom to Customise Your Design
SILENT ROOM offers a variety of design options for you to be able to create a personalised design and desired office mood. The interior and exterior finish can be selected separately. Both melamine and upholstery can be used for the exterior panels. Our range of materials and colours complement each other harmoniously and create a warm, homely and relaxing atmosphere. Due to its unique design, SILENT ROOM can be set up anywhere within the office: in the middle of the office space or near the wall, as a stand-alone acoustic unit or as an assembly of units.
Showroom in New York City
Located in the heart of New York City, our stylish 4,000 sq. ft. area showroom includes various workplace zones that integrate fashion with functional, showcasing the latest trends in modern office design. Our “working showroom” provides employees and partners the flexibility to select the most suitable and convenient workplace zone, making productivity easy and simple.
Showroom in Chicago
Our second, almost 2,500 sq. ft., showroom in the United States is located in the premises of theMART, a unique commercial building in Chicago, IL. Today, theMART is the world‘s largest commercial building, visited by an average of 30,000 people each business day, nearly 10 million people annually.
Virtual Showroom
Welcome to the virtual showroom tour. That is our largest and main showroom, where we present more than 240 products and 36 office furniture systems in a 5,490 sq. ft. exhibition area distributed over 2 floors.


Width (W)
Depth (D)
Height (H)
Inner Width (W)
Inner Depth (D)
Inner Height (H)
Total Height with Floor (H)
695 lbs
Recommended Height of the Space for Installation
≥ 94.5"
Recommended Height of the Space for Installation (with Floor)
≥ 97.2"

External Walls

1 solid panel from melamine:
  • Welded frame is made of metal tube 40x20 mm;
  • Angular brackets are made of 40x40 mm metal tubes;
  • Powder coated metal;
  • Plastic feet with height levelling (+30 mm);
  • 16 mm MFC (melamine) with 1 mm ABS edging

Internal Acoustic Walls

Panels upholstered with fabric:
  • Frame is made of 40x20 mm metal tube;
  • Powder coated metal;
  • 12 mm MFC (melamine);
  • 40 mm of acoustic foam;
  • Upholstered with fabric.

Internal Front Walls

Panels upholstered with fabric:
  • Frame is made of 40x20 mm metal tube;
  • Powder coated metal;
  • 12 mm MFC (melamine);
  • Covered with 3 mm foam;
  • Upholstered with fabric.

Wall with Control Unit

  • Top front panel is made of 16 mm MFC (melamine) with 1 mm ABS edging;
  • Bottom front panel with hinges is made of 16 mm MFC with 1 mm ABS edging;
  • Sides and internal construction parts made of 16 mm MFC with 0,5 mm ABS edging;
  • Ventilation and lighting dimming knobs are made of PA 2200 (Nylon);


  • Tabletop is made of 16 mm MFC (melamine) with 1 mm ABS edging;
  • Box for wires (135 x 150 x 100 mm) underneath the table top is made of 1 mm powder coated metal sheet;
  • Bracket made of 40x20 mm metal tube;
  • Powder coated metal;
  • Mounted 1 AC power socket (100-240 V) with or without integrated USB fast charger (USB Type A+C, max 5A);
  • Load capacity – 55 lbs.

Control Box

  • Input (GST18i3 male): 100-240 V;
  • Output (GST18i3 female): 100-240 V;
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz;
  • Power cable: GST18i3 female, 118";
  • Power output cable length: 19.7" - GST18i3 male - GST18i3 female;
  • Power consumption – max. 229W, standby 4.5W;


  • Double layered ceilings are made of 12 mm top and 16 mm bottom MFC (melamine) panels with 1 mm ABS edging;
  • Frame is made of 50x20 mm metal tube;
  • PIR sensor mounted in to central ceiling segment;
  • Fan grills are made of 1 mm metal sheet;
  • Powder coated metal;
  • Air supply duct inside glued with acoustic foam;
  • Ø60 mm cable grommet for optional power supply from ceiling.


  • 3 x LED modules (8.92W) colour temperature approx. 3000K dimmable;
  • 3 x LED housing (asymmetrical) made of aluminium;
  • Replacement for LED modules can only be purchased from the manufacturer.


  • 2 x air supply fans are located in the ceilings;
  • 2 x air exhaust slots are located in central segment of the ceilings for natural ventilation;
  • Maximum airflow approx. 200 m³/h.


  • Left-handed or right-handed option;
  • Metal door frame is made of 40x40 mm tube and 40x8 mm steel rod;
  • Powder coated metal;
  • Aluminium profiles with PVC sealing fixed to internal sides and top and bottom of door frame;
  • Top of the metal frame is covered with 16 mm MFC (melamine) with 1 mm ABS edging;
  • 8 mm TSG (tempered safety glass), clear;
  • Clear width of a door opening - 39.5".


  • Carpet thickness 6.5 mm, made of 100% polyamide, antistatic;
  • It is highly recommended to use the carpet when placing the SILENT ROOM on the hard flooring;
  • Uneven floor can be the cause of sound insulation problems.

Floor (Optional)

  • Metal floor frame is made of 40x40 mm and 40x20 mm tube;
  • Powder coated metal;
  • Floor panels are made of 25 mm MFC with 0.5 mm ABS edging;
  • Floor carpet thickness 3 mm, made of PA6 (40%) and PP (60%);
  • Skirting boards made of 16 mm MFC with 1 mm ABS edging;
  • Plastic feet with height levelling (+30 mm).
  • Note that the floor adds approximately 70 mm to the overall height.

Shipping & Delivery

At Sohomod, we understand the importance of delivering your purchases in a timely and efficient manner. That's why we have a top-notch shipping and delivery service to ensure that your items reach you in perfect condition.

Our shipping and delivery process begins the moment you place your order. Our team of experienced logistics specialists will work with you to schedule a delivery time that is convenient for you.

We offer a range of delivery options, including outside drop-off, inside drop-off, and room of choice with full assembly, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Outside Drop-Off
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Room of Choice with Full Assembly
Please, prepare areas where delivery personnel will pass through, cover floor & walls.

What is included: 'Delivery in the Room of Choice (ground floor) + Placing Furniture + Unpacking + Assembly' in the room of your choice + trash removal to the customer's bin. Scheduled Delivery. Certificate of Insurance & Building Restrictions.

Returns & Exchange. Worry free guarantee.

Customer service is our top priority. We want you to love your new furniture and be happy with the purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return or exchange it.

To complete the return and exchange, all you need to do is contact our support team or just simply reply to your order confirmation email. We will issue a credit as soon as the returned item is back to the warehouse.

Easy Step-by-Step Return
  1. Notify us within 30 days of receiving your purchase.
  2. Return in original Package (if the item was unpacked, please pack it back in original package).
  3. Ship the item back to the warehouse (we will send you instructions with the return number «RMA#»).
  4. Get your money back.
The Details

We do place a few limitations on our returns policy, but we think that they are fair.

Notify within 30 Days

We accept all returns and exchanges within 30 days of receiving your purchase.

Return in original packaging

Our products are well packaged for shipping purposes. Without the original packaging we will not be able to accept your return.

Refund process

Products returned during the 30 Day Risk-Free Trial period will be inspected within 48 hours of receiving the merchandise into our warehouse, to ensure that they are in like-new condition. We will then process your request and issue a credit to your credit card or PayPal within one day. You will receive the email confirmation once the refund is complete. Depending on your card issuer’s policies, it may take up to 5 business days after we issue your refund for the credit to appear.

As new condition

This means that if you have damaged the product, we will not be able to accept your return. Moreover, we cannot accept returns for merchandise that has been already assembled, unless it arrives pre-assembled.

Custom orders & special orders

Please note that the custom orders are non-refundable and are non-returnable

Not happy with the Color?..

All returns based on the color subject goes through the same process: ‘Notify within 30 Days’ + ‘Return in original packaging’ + ‘As new condition’ + ‘Additional Shipping fees’ will apply even if your order states ‘Free Delivery’

Custom orders & special orders based on Color-issue are non-refundable and are non-returnable. (In case you've made the decision to cancel it, we will withhold the 20% restocking fee for any canceled Special Order + ‘Additional Shipping fees’ will apply even if your order states ‘Free Delivery’)

Additional services & shipping fees

Our additional services and shipping fees are non-refundable. This includes fees paid for in-room delivery, for assembly service and for delivery and pick-ups, even if your order states «Free Delivery» we still pay to the shipping companies for those services.

Each service fee vary from $50 to $250. If you have questions please contact us before you made a purchase.

Sale, clearance, discounted & outlet items

All clearance, discounted and items are sold as «Final Sale» are non-refundable.


Mattresses are non-refundable and are non-returnable.

  • Orders picked up the the warehouse or loaded into the truck for the delivery is considered as the shipped order.
  • Orders that are being held in our warehouse for delayed delivery at the request of the customer and layaway orders cannot be cancelled.
  • If the order has already been shipped, and then cancelled, please refer to the return policy. (You will be responsible for the shipping charges even if your order states Free Delivery we still pay to the shipping companies for those services.)
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    We care about every our customer, and we want you to be happy with your purchase. And, if you're not happy, we want to make it easy to get a refund or replacement. We do this because we would want this if we were in your position.

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    Are there any flame or fire tests associated with this?
    Hello! We don't have a certificate for the Silent Room as a complete product, but we can provide certificates for separate fabrics and panels. Please, let us know if you need them.
    Answer by Sohomod Team on 3/20/2023

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