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In the Sohomod.com store, you can buy garden sofa set of famous brands such as ACME, Whiteline Modern Living, Mobital, Essentials For Living, etc. All furniture is covered by warranty.


Frames are made of genuine special-processed wood, plastic, metal and artificial rattan. These materials are durable and wear-resistant, resistant to sunlight and moisture, and do not fade. In addition, their bases are lightweight, which means that they can be easily rearranged or transferred.

The frames are made in natural colors – light gray, beige, or milky. This feature of the ensembles enables them to blend seamlessly into the landscape of your site.


The cushions are easy to remove so you can take them home when it rains. Their covers are made of wear-resistant and durable fabric. Such colors as gray, brown, black, and caramel are mainly used because spots on surfaces of such colors would not be very noticeable.


We offer modular outdoor couches for sale. Modules can be removed and added, or combined in the right order.

You can also buy a couch with an ottoman and a canopy that protects from light rain or sun.


The furniture is made in a modern style. It is featured by simple forms, confident lines, and lack of decor. This makes it flexible for all interiors – furniture ensembles will blend seamlessly into the interior of any terrace or veranda.

You can order a cheap patio couch online. You will appreciate our first-class service, fast and due-care delivery, and regular good deals.