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Bar & Kitchen Carts

Lack of storage is a major headache for many homeowners. If you’re dealing this issue, you need to invest in high-storage furniture pieces that do not occupy too much space.

Bar and kitchen carts are such furniture pieces, which are designed to extend your kitchen and dining spaces. Sohomod’s bar and kitchen cart collection offers the required functionality as well as visual character.

Sohomod’s bar and kitchen carts offer:

• More shelving partitions so that you can store more crockery and other items.

• More worktop space so that you can extend your kitchen counters or tables without any remodeling.

• Convenience through mobility; instead of bringing every single item to the table one at a time, just load the kitchen cart with them and get to the table in one go.

Sohomod’s collection of bar and kitchen carts entail maximum utility.

For instance, our Schleiger Kitchen Cart is an embodiment of functionality. With this one piece of furniture, you get:

• A wide functional worktop

• Two drawers

• A 12-compartment wine rack

• Four shelves

• And a side stand to hang tablecloths

This kitchen cart is finished with quintessential dark brown timber furnishing that matches every interior space with its neutral feel.

For smaller spaces, Denham kart is ideal. It consists of two drawers, cabinets with a shelf and a worktop. The collection also contains some wooden options that serve the purpose of both kitchen carts and wine racks. Their basic design and impressive material option are ideal for planning a rustic interior theme.

Even if you are not facing any space limitations, get a kitchen cart for your home as a decorative, functional piece of furniture. Sohomod offers this valuable kitchen furniture at a reasonable price with some options available on discount.