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Showing 1 to 24 of 38 products

✅ Buy Unique Wardrobes

Homeowners usually prefer to place a cloth storage space in their bedrooms. For that, purpose-built wardrobes come in really handy. They don’t just use up the given space in a better manner, but also provide the interior with a definitive aesthetical substance.

Sohomod offers a variety of wardrobes in its wide catalogue of bedroom furniture. The collection caters to every type of functional and aesthetic need. Whether you are looking for small-size wardrobes because of space constrictions or want to get the piece with built-in shelves, drawers, and rails, various functional wardrobe pieces are a part of our collection. Sohomod also has large wardrobes with huge storage capacities that can cover an entire wall.  

Wardrobes don’t remain as functional furniture pieces anymore when they are crafted by expert hands aware of their visual and decorative significance in bedrooms. Leading Sohomod to also focus on the aesthetical aspects of its wardrobe collection. For instance, we have wardrobes standing on scrolled feet with detailed craftwork on their panels. These options will satisfy the traditional decoration streaks while sorting out your cloth storage. We also offer modern wardrobe designs that are built with the underlying theme of minimalism. Moreover, an extended variety of finishes also enables you to have desired chromatic variations in the interior through wardrobes.

Our collection is rich with wood veneer finishes. Due to their neutral visual expression, they are deemed perfect for every interior theme. Whether your bedroom is decorated with a rustic aesthetic or has contemporary design motifs, our wood-veneered wardrobes would seamlessly fit in with the rest of the furniture. Some of our wardrobes also come with mirrored doors. Get a chair or stool with these wardrobes and you might not need a standalone vanity.

Sohomod’s two dozen wardrobe pieces are available at a discounted price. Every piece in this collection is unique in its functional and aesthetical features.