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Pantek Furniture

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At the Sohomod.com store, you can buy furniture by the Pantek brand. Our catalog features bedroom sets and dining groups. All products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty (from 1 year).

Features of furniture by Pantek

The company manufactures models in a modern style, but some collections trace the influence of the neoclassics. In general, the furniture is defined by:

  • Minimalism. Designers use discreet white, brown, black, and gray colors, avoiding abundant decor. Although there are some intriguing details — for example, carriage tie on bed headboards (as in the classic style) or dresser fronts with a 3D effect due to the special arrangement of panels (as in the high-tech style).
  • Functionality. Pantek's collections feature lots of high footed beds. Such furniture does not imply space for storage, but the company managed to solve this problem: models come with small drawers located in the center or at the foot of the bed. This solution keeps the weightlessness and lightness of the furniture, as well as significantly expands its functionality.
  • Scale. The brand strives to make it possible to furnish the entire room with one furniture set. Therefore, the sets comprise not only beds and bedside tables, but also chests of drawers, closets, dressing tables and desks.

Sohomod.com offers first-supplier prices, delivers orders across the country, and runs regular sales.

193 Product(s)