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If you to add a little style and elegance to your new home or if you want to overhaul the interior of your home, you don’t have to break the bank. Whether you’re are looking for a rustic, elegant interior or a more contemporary modern look, the online home décor stores offer a range of decorative pieces that you can use to upgrade the look of your home.

From wall mirrors and wall hangings to lamps and accent furniture, you have virtually limitless options to turn your home into an inviting place. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Make Your Home Look Bigger and Brighter Will Wall Mirrors

A well-place mirror not only enhances the room’s style but also makes it look bigger and brighter. Entryway and corridors are the perfect spots for placing a full-size mirror. You can also place them in the dining area or in any other room that lacks natural light. Mirrors placed in poorly lit areas create a dramatic impact and provide a warm, romantic glow to the room.

Use Bright, Colorful Throw Pillows For An Instant Home Makeover

A vibrant, colorful throw pillow can completely transform the interior and make a bold style statement. When used in combination with light pastel colored furniture and walls, the throw pillow accentuates the beauty of the furniture and make the room look elegant yet stylish. When choosing pillows and throws for your home, you should keep the following things under consideration:

- Placement and Number of Pillows – Experts suggest that using odd numbers of pillows, such as three or five, create a better style statement than using them in pairs. A few big throw pillows placed at the right spots look better than small pillows placed in groups.
- Shape and Size of Pillows – Choose unexpected shapes. Square and round pillows look very tradition and often very boring. Therefore, go for unique shapes like oblong or rectangular pillows. Make sure that the size you choose complements the place where the pillow is to be placed.
- Fabric of the Pillow – You want the throw pillows to brighten up your room. Therefore, choose fabrics that retain the color for a longer time, such as cotton and linen. They not only work well in a modern, contemporary interior but are also available in a variety of colors and designs.

Add Decorative Value to Your Home With Accent Furniture

Accent furniture not only offer great functionality but are also great to add visual appeal to your home’s appeal. They stand out because of their unique construction or colors and become the centerpiece of your home. From small tables and chairs to coat hangers and dividers, there a number of choices available. You can choose a dining table to make it the star of your dining area or choose an elegant looking accent chair to add some style and elegance to your home’s entryway.