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The Serta company is a famous manufacturer of furniture mattresses in different sizes. The catalog of Sohomod.com store offers both standard size models and options for King Size and Queen Size beds.

Features of mattresses by Serta

  • They use a layer of memory foam in the manufacturing process to ensure the most comfortable sleeping position possible, and therefore quality rest.
  • The main filling is individual spring blocks. Their advantages include even load distribution, durability and no squeaking. In addition, if your partner sleeps uneasily, tosses and turns a lot during sleep, their movements will not disturb you.
  • Mattresses dissipate heat from the body, provide normal air circulation, which eliminates the "heat" effect when falling asleep.
  • The models provide quality body support: anatomically correct positioning of the body during rest prevents such problems as back or neck pain.
  • Some models come with plush cushions, which increases the comfort of rest.
  • The mattress covers are made of hard-wearing material that is easy to clean.

Our store offers a first-supplier price, regular sales, as well as delivery across the country.

5 Product(s)