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BD Furniture

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To find furniture by the popular brand BD Furniture, please visit the catalog of Sohomod.com store. The company produces collections for the living room — from chairs and couches to sofas.

Features of furniture by BD Furniture

The brand is known for reinventing the luxurious classic style:

  • Designers keep strict, streamlined shapes but add some intriguing details. For example, they equip sofas with high openwork legs of a contrasting color or even create models with a low base profile, the legs of which are invisible.
  • One of the favorite techniques of the classic style is the carriage tie. It comes with brightly colored metal rivets or rhinestone decor. In beds, the carriage tie can be not only on the headboard, but also on the base-platform panels.
  • The brand's furniture is defined by unusual elements, for example, knockers. These are metal doorstops in the shape of a wild animal head (usually a lion or bear) with a ring — previously knockers were used instead of door locks. The sofas in the Italian collection have these components on the sides.
  • To add solemnity and special status to the furniture, they use velvet upholstery — a fabric with a velvety texture. This texture is maximized in dark colors — black and dark blue.

Sohomod.com is an authorized dealer ofBD Furniture. We offer a first-supplier prices, favorable return conditions and fast delivery. All models are covered by an official warranty.

34 Product(s)