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Modern Art Furniture

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Products by the American Modern Art brand are available in the Sohomod.com online store. The company manufactures furniture for bedrooms and living rooms, as well as fireplace portals. Our catalog displays certified models with a warranty.

Features of furniture by Modern Art

Designers of the brand are inspired by Art Nouveau and contemporary art. The models have a number of distinctive features:

  • Design of the beds, nightstands and dressers is based on strict, clean-cut lines.
  • Designers focus on natural materials, such as wood, metal and glass.
  • The models themselves are modern art pieces. Take a look at the peculiar decorations, for example. Thus, front panels of dresser chests are adorned with carved volumetric spirals. Glossy black fronts are bedecked with bright yellow geometric inserts. And niches with dark matte glazing are used instead of drawers. Platform beds are complemented by a tall soft headboard with different types of fastener (including an elegant four-wheel screed). The floating effect in bulky dressers is achieved through the use of tall and thin legs.
  • The richness of the decor is balanced by a natural, restrained palette of dark grey, blue, white, beige and milky white.

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