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We are living in the age of automation. Technological progression has reduced a lot of human workforce to sitting at desks.  A lot of people now tend to spend one-third of their day in offices while sitting at their workstations.

The contemporary workspace settings have thus increased the importance of office chairs manifold. It won’t be wrong to suggest that an employee can’t work at his best if he is not comfortable in his seat.

Sohomod is truly aware of the need for the right type of seating needed at workspaces and therefore offers an entire separate range of office chairs in its office furniture collection. Our collection of more than a hundred office chairs takes care of every aspect that you want to see in the seating furniture for your employees.

  • Adjustability: Every individual feels comfortable at a different seat, armrest and backrest level in his chair. For that matter, Sohomod is offering a range of gas lift chairs that can be adjusted according to particular comfort needs.
  • Spine Support: Sitting for extended durations put tremendous strain on the lower back (lumbar vertebra). Therefore, any good office chair must have a backrest that can provide enough support to cancel out any spinal strain. Sohomod’s collection of office chairs are designed to provide optimal lower back support.
  • Mobility: Mobility around the desk is really important for employees’ comfort. No one likes to get up for a thing placed not too far from his desk. This is the reason why every piece in Sohomod’s office chairs collection comes with caster wheels to ensure comfort from every angle.
  • Seating Material: Comfortable upholstery on office chairs is an essential feature for comfort. Sohomod offers office chairs that don’t make prolonged sitting sessions at work a punishment for your hipbones.

Pick any of Sohomod’s office chair options with all the aforementioned benefits, all according to the size and decorative theme of your workspace.