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Sohomod.com online store offers a wide array of furniture by the famous Modway brand. The company specializes in the manufacture of living room ensembles and patio sets. The brand models combine high and consistent American quality with bold design choices.

Outdoor furniture

The frame of the furniture is made of teak wood or synthetic rattan. Sets include 4 to 10 items: benches, armchairs, coffee tables and ottomans.

You can choose a classic ensemble or opt for a modular set. Modular options consist of separate module components: for example, armchairs can be used separately or assembled into a sofa.

Patio furniture is made of durable, wear-proof materials resistant to weather elements, wind, dust and dirt, and are designed in minimalist style with a practical, deep color pallete (navy blue, grey, chocolate brown).

Living room sets

These are available as two or three seater sofas with one or two armchairs. The manufacturer tends to use cloth covering, including that with velour effect, thus making furniture look more elegant. Tufting is another interesting feature. Sets made of genuine leather look especially high-status. Such furniture would look great not only in living rooms, but in private offices as well.

The models are inspired by the Art Nouveau style: designers actively use the egg-shaped chair design, which was a staple in the 1960s, elements of a four-wheel screed, and thin and tall legs. The color palette is practical, ranging from light blue to taupe.

Sohomod.com offers affordable prices and ongoing sales, as well as country-wide shipping.

847 Product(s)