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The Sohomod.com store catalog offers a selection of products by the Chandra brand. The company specializes in the manufacture of accessories — plaids, decorative cushions and rugs.

Features of accessories by Chandra

The brand uses natural fabrics: they are breathable, pleasant to the touch, easy to clean. Moreover, the designers bet on the texture of the material — it can be wool, velvet, cotton, and silk. Texture is the key accent of the accessories, as the company deliberately avoids lavish decoration and chooses a discreet color scheme.

All cushions and plaids are handmade. They are suitable for any furniture — sofas, beds, armchairs, and chairs.

The palette includes light and dark colors. Also, most of the solutions are monochromatic. However, lots of products feature prints: one of the traditional Chandra ornaments is sea white and blue stripes and colored geometry (rhombuses, circles, and squares). Notably, rug designs include more prints — leopard and zebra, stripes, and abstracts.

Our company is an authorized dealer of the brand and offers a first-supplier price. Other benefits of purchasing from us include regular sales, delivery across the country and different payment options.

580 Product(s)