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In addition to just being eye-catching, the reception desk at your workplace should also functionally serve as a unit that best represents your brand. The first impression is the last impression, which is why you need to make the right impression the first time visitors drop by your workplace.

Having a U-shaped reception desk will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it will also not require you to compromise on the functionality of a desk. Reception desks play an important role in any reception area and have a significant impact on the layout and the general perception that people develop regarding the aesthetics of the workplace.

Considering the importance of a good office reception desk, it is best that you don’t look beyond U-shaped reception desks. These can be perfect for creating the right perception and initiating good customer support within the area. Any visitor coming to your workplace would like the exquisiteness of these desks and would genuinely be attracted to them. Hence, these desks would act as a conduit in influencing the overall impression of your workplace in the eyes of most visitors.

Benefits of U-Shaped Reception Desks

U-shaped reception desks tend to be a favorite for the managers who are looking to keep things simple yet elegant in their reception area. These desks have a rustic combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Here are some benefits.

✦ More Space

With the round curve and the broader desk length, there is more desk space for your receptionists to note down details and itemize files. Oftentimes, it can be hard to manage notes and files in a constrained desk space. Thus, U-shaped reception desks completely eradicate this hassle. They give you sufficient space for you to work with. By looking at U-shaped reception desks, you can tell that these are an extended version of L-shaped reception desks. These desks have an additional layer to them, which increases space but gives the same convenience as L-shaped reception desks do.

✦ Serves More People

With additional space, you can serve more people while being seated on the reception desk. You now have a bigger serving area, which you can capitalize on by having 3 to 4 receptionists positioned inside. In this manner, if you have multiple visitors, they wouldn’t have to crowd over each other. Visitors could go to separate corners. All this would be possible with one reception desk. There is also a bigger counter top, which helps visitors in making notes or writing down last minute details.

Sohomod.com recognizes the needs of the customers, and it has a good variety of U-shaped reception desks. Their variety is based on quality furniture that wouldn’t disappoint you.

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