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Showing 1 to 24 of 55 products

The range of L-shaped reception desks at Sohomod.com is quite extensive and has a lot of variants to it. L-shaped reception desks are a favorite in workplaces, which is why there is a great variety of choice available for customers to choose from.

L-shaped reception desks offer excellent convenience in the workplace and help exude the true essence of your organization in the most flawless manner.

Benefits of L-shaped Reception Desks

There are numerous benefits of L-shaped reception desks to talk about. Some of these benefits are:

✦ Broader Area 

The most perfect aspect of an L-shaped reception desk that most organizations crave for is the broader talking area guaranteed by them. If you have multiple people at your reception desk, there is no need for them to crowd or make a queue as they can all line up against the extended borders. Due to its extended shape, the borders cover a significant area and give a chance for all visitors to have their queries answered without crowding the area. The larger area of the counter top also ensures that there is enough space to file papers and write notes during the job.

✦ Space

Ask any business manager and they would agree that managing space in the workplace is often something that they are concerned about. Managers are, hence, always on the lookout for ways that help them save space and get the best results from previously unused areas within the office. L-shaped reception desks are excellent when it comes to saving space and have a brilliant display. You can have them placed at a previously unused corner. These desks can be adjusted within limited space without compromising on the aesthetic appeal, the prominence, and the convenience.

Range of L-Shaped Reception Desks at Sohomod.Com

Sohomod.com has an extensive range of L-shaped reception desks up for sale. The category includes a wide variety of convenient desks ranging from organic L-shaped desks to reception desks with a separate counter top to boast of.

L-shaped reception desks with a separate counter top come in handy for storing files on the area and writing notes. You can tentatively store files on the top of the counter before you eventually put them in their given spot. Such reception desks usually cover an extended area and have sufficient space for handling multiple visitors.

Wave L-shaped reception desks have an opening coming out from the center of the curve. The opening extends further to give sufficient room on the counter top for storage purposes.

Organic L-shaped reception desks are a true representation of the L-shaped desk format and can be accentuated through the use of lights and décor. All of the L-shaped desks at Sohomod.com come in a diverse variety and with different add-ons. Prices differ based on the additional benefits promised by the desk.