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Customizable Reception Desks

Reception desks and its corresponding area is the introduction of any office space. It won’t be wrong to say that they are the enlarged and enriched business cards. Any prospect can get a fair idea of the many aspects of an organization just by looking at its reception area and the furniture init.

Sohomod is completely aware of the significance of reception areas and therefore offers an entire range of customizable receptions desks.These areas should be welcoming and must create an element of innovation, creativity, and surprise—achieving all of this is possible with Sohomod’s customizable range of reception desks.

Sohomod is offering reception desks in six distinctive geometric shapes so that you can get the desired ergonomic attributes of the assembly without compromising on its visual appeal. There is a reason why we have termed it as the category for ‘customizable’ reception desks. You have plenty of options when it comes to drawing the look of the desk pertaining to your functional and decoration needs. For instance, you can select from different panel spans. You also have the option of selecting from different finishes. Some of our reception desks are available in up to 10 different finishes. Whether its high gloss or wooden finish, pick the veneer that matches your sensibility and suits your brand.

A variety of cabinets also come with every customizable reception desk, depending on the particular storage requirements of your reception area. To light up the area with reception desk, we also offer inbuilt LED lighting systems. Such reception desks have become the pre-requisite of modern office decors.

To make office furnishing and remodeling feasible, Sohomod is also offering a discount on all of its reception desks through coupons. Pick the option that goes with your budget and get it customized according to your functional and aesthetic requirements.

19 Product(s)

19 Product(s)