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Alpa Reception Desks

Alpa Reception Desks

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15 Product(s)
Luxurious and classic at the same time, Alpa draws guests’ attention and builds an atmosphere of trust. Shiny glass fronts and timeless colours delight with severity, which are additionally highlighted by the illumination of metal kick plates.
A form inspired by the majestic mountain range – Alpa reception desk is catching everyone’s eyes. Being simultaneously classical and luxurious, it gains guests’ attention and makes for an atmosphere of comfort and trust. High gloss front and timeless colours delight with their severity, which is additionally emphasized by an illuminated metal kick plate. A glass reception is conjoining aesthetics with functionality. A modular construction allows creating various straight and corner sets. By employing a low module segment with an overhang top, the reception can ease communication with disabled customers. Thanks to these features Alpa is fulfilling requirements of different types of spaces: from small receptions to vast lobbies.

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Interior Exterior


MFC 1 1/8", tempered glass 3/8"


MFC 4/8" + Glass LACOBEL 1/8". Available in White, Silver & Black

Kick Plate

HPL - brushed aluminium, LED illumination at the full length of the reception desk, cold white color (verging on the blue shade)


MFC 1 1/8"

Monitor Shelf

MFC 1 1/8"

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