STRAUSS Apartment in Strasbourg, France by YCL Studio

A 114-sq.m. area apartment in Strasbourg, France, where sophisticated old-fashioned elegance meets modern design. Designing functionally comfortable and aesthetic residential environment preserving the authentic elements of the interior of the apartment and interpreting classics in modern light was important to us, as architects. We wanted to distinguish several important elements – what is new and what is authentic.

YCL Studio:

We arranged all this by choosing several combinations of colours: new elements are in darker shades and the antique elements remain white. Naturally this resulted in diverse variations of combinations emerging from one or another complex process but basically we managed to form a neat composition of something old and something new. We did our best trying not to change what was authentic. Adjustments made in the main rooms were minimum, except for open passage from the living room to the room with the fireplace: this decision was important in order to highlight the sense of space between the rooms. We wanted to turn the new bathroom into an actual room with lots of light, big luxurious bathtub, a place to sit down and a balcony perfect for cooling down after a hot bath. An impressive three-meter long metal bar counter – sculpture has become one of the most complex objects. We strived to design a piece of furniture which would become a part of the new design but it also blend with the general area with its long regular lines and create an image of a lightweight, expressivebstructure. This interior has become a part of the spirit of the area not visible to everyone but felt by everybody.

Photography by Andrius Stepankevičius

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