NEWPORT Seating Collection by Alain Monnens for Durlet

Alain Monnens designed the NEWPORT couch for Durlet after he was briefed that they were looking for a new couch with a light, floating form with horizontal lines, yet also comfortable and definitely not rigid.

The result became the NEWPORT. The light, floating aspect is achieved firstly by creating the frame from plastic to remain thin and to give it a slight bounce, secondly, also by its exceptionally characteristic feet. This not only allows the couch to float above the ground, but also contributes a certain dynamism with its oblique lines at the back and accentuates the horizontal aspect even more with the connection spanning the full width at the back. The danger with such a couch is that it can easily have a very rigid appearance. This was avoided with the cushions that were made specially to look the way they do: created to sink into and relax. The cushions are filled with a combination of feathers and foam. The arm cushions echo the shape of the seat cushions and once again accentuate the horizontal appearance of the model.

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