Minimalist Wall-Mounted Furniture System ”RGB” by Stefan Diez

“RGB” is a minimalist wall-mounted furniture system created by Munich-based designer Stefan Diez for burgbad. “RGB” is an innovative way to organize the bathroom and beyond. Playing with color and transparency to create levitating volumes, “RGB” fuses with its contents and surroundings. In collaboration with burgbad developed the wall-mounted furniture system “RGB” , expandable, compact to transport and easy to assemble. With a simple turn, the two panels of laminated safety glass click into the profiles. The surfaces then form the side walls and can be fastened to the wall without a rear wall being required.

The space creating panel system is comprised of color–laminated glass panes that attach to vertically installed mounting rails with a simple twist. The rails and other hardware components were specifically developed for “RGB” by Diez Office. Eliminating the need for back walls altogether, “RGB” relies on a limited number of elements and embraces the existing architecture as part of the assembly. Its modular nature gives the user the creative freedom to layer colou and generate a whole array of hues, from subtle to bold. The transparent quality of the volumes renders the contents monochromatic, resulting in an aesthetically harmonious and orderly appearance.