ChristmasWorld Trends for 18/19

There’s a reason why 10s of thousands of visitors from over 100 countries attend the Christmasworld Show in Frankfurt, Germany every year. It’s because virtually all Christmas decor starts with the vast array of products shown at this market. And the 2018 edition promises to be even more innovative than usual!

For 2018-19, Christmasworld foresees four specific style worlds that will demonstrate inspiring possibilities for festive decorations. The first of these is Vivid Heritage. Rich in tradition, yet contemporary, this style is all about patterns and motifs drawn from folklore. Expect influence from the most diverse cultures, including Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Poland and Scandinavia. Along with this lively theme is an equally vital palette of such strong colors as mustard, petrol blue and red.

The second of these four Christmas-future styles is Eclectic Gathering. Multi-faceted, dynamic and striking, this Holiday theme takes contrast to such new heights that it becomes the concept. Extremely diverse design elements come together with this, including glamorous, sporty, delicate, intense, everyday and spectacular. Collage is the starting point for this extravagant trend, with materials, textures and patterns appearing in surprising contexts. The dominant colors are pastel pinks, yellows, mandarin and azure combined with a delicate rose, black and elegant gold.

A clearer, simpler theme entitled Balanced Sobriety is next in the Christmasworld trend categories. Having nothing to do with imbibing cups of Christmas cheer, this style is inspired by a Japanese aesthetic. It achieves its appeal through consistently calm and harmonious choices and minimal means. Light-colored woods, matt brass and shiny black surfaces dominate the picture. A palette of restrained, natural tones ranges from pure white to rose-gold and the shiny side features cool gray, bordeaux red and black.

Last in this line-up of Christmas 2018-19 trends is Splendid History. With a palette that embraces the chill and elegance of winter, this theme highlights elegant settings and historical allusions, while also embodying a contemporary approach. Materials like refined textiles, lace, pearls, semi-precious stones, and dark woods are combined to achieve an exclusive and expensive effect. A palette of dark, saturated colors are accented with wondrous aventurine, aquamarine, and gold.

Photo credit: Pinterest