Eau de lumière Light Collection by Davide Oppizzi for Designheure

Designed by the lighting designer Davide Oppizzi for Designheure, the Eau de lumière concept takes its story from the world of luxury perfume. From the sculptural point of view, it was to symbolize the iconic shape of the perfume bottle to extract an essence and delicacy, playing on full volume and hairlines on which reflect light.

“I have matured this lamp through time,” says designer David Oppizzi enthusiastically, “but immediately this project attracted me by its materiality. The fabrics search, shapes and materials made me radically change my traditional idea of the lamp, made of metal, glass or plastic.”

“We selected a new process still using the fabric, not stretched on frames, but placed on a consistent and solid structure, enhanced by noble materials such as wood and marble. The result is the perception of the material with full attention to fine details and chrome finishes. In this project, I expressed my idea of glamor and elegance, with the soft and high-end side of the fabric. The interplay of different materials gives a new dimension to the lamps, becoming almost a hybrid between the movable element and the fixture.” says David Oppizzi.

Thanks to the technical expertise of the lighting designer Davide Oppizzi, the integrated LED source illuminates perfectly, retro-lighting the interior color and the fine materials of the lamp. A finishing choice of real wood oak or white Carrara marble is proposed, matching with the textile colors. A light for HER and HIM The design work was focused on the masculine and feminine forms, with curves or angles, in different sizes.

The shapes, materials and colors, allow in the same space to keep a homogeneous but varied spirit and a strong personality. Within the product family, the collection is available in four different sizes and shapes and many models into a complete and rich collection. So everyone can choose its preferred shape and finishing, while keeping a spirit of harmonious collection within the same space. The collection is available in table lamps, wall lamps, suspensions, and chandeliers.

Table lamps for HER and for HIM
Available in three sizes, and three shapes, these LED lamps provide a pleasant light, back-lighting the interior color. Real oak wood or massive Carrare marble finishes.

A smart wall lamp
They can be vertically installed or horizontally, according to the sought esthetics or the location of the electric exit. Available in real oak wood or massive Carrare marble finish.

A poetic suspension
As a poetic installation, this adjustable suspension brings a sensation of light in levitation. Combined in two small shapes, square and circle, they are connected in series. Available in real oak wood or massive Carrare marble finish.

Framing, cutting space, window angle of view geometry
Available in medium rectangle or large square, shaped as a classical chandelier with central power supply. Luster adjustable in height and width. The rectangular version is particularly recommended to appear above a table. The large Square is proposed here with a separated downward element, it can be also mounted in symmetrical configuration. Available in real oak wood or massive Carrare marble finish.

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