Ring Pendant Lamp by Brian Rasmussen for Pallucco

Brian Rasmussen launches Ring for Pallucco, a pendant lamp that uses the magnetic qualities of its single components to create different forms and color solutions.

Only rings. The inside of the lamp has a magnetic core which draws to itself all the surrounding rings. The magnetism is so strong that the rings get as close as they can to the core of the installation.

To stand as much as possible by one another, they have been following a geometric logic which seems to optimize the available space. We can enlarge the lamp as much as we want to, but the rings will anyway cover the whole surface with their geometric pattern.

Ring is a family of pendant lamps which comprises two versions, “single” with diameter of 600 mm or 800 mm, and ‘MIX’, a bigger version made of structures with different diameters. The rings of the diffusers are PVC-made for the white, white and gold, black and gold finishes. The project of the lamps is suitable to personalization, different dimensions and colours can be realized on request.

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