Inti Table Lamp by Moritz Putzier

Inspired by how the moon orbits the earth and how its silhouette changes depending on its position Moritz Putzier decided to implement this concept into a lighting design.

He wanted to combine the conceptual thoughts with simple and mechanical features such as the rotation of a sphere. With this idea in mind Putzier created a table lamp with a two parted glas sphere half transparent and half coloured.

The sphere is positioned on a funnel-shaped object that emitts light. By turning the sphere manually the light is reflected through the coloured half in different angles. This way, it’s very easy to create various light situations with one simple mechanism – from a very bright lighted room to a cozy dimmed light one. The light silhouette changes while moving the sphere: it reminds of the different moon phases from full moon to crescent moon. All the single elements that make up the lamp follow basic geometric shapes and overlap each other, resulting in a functional lamp for everyday use.

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